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Since 2007, our team at Super Holiday Tours has continued to promote and grow our student travel world wide.

This includes immersive experiences in the most scenic and historical countries:

  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • And Many More!

We’ve taken students on unforgettable trips to more than 20 different countries. This includes taking a group of young musicians from the Midwest to Dublin, Ireland, for a performance in the world-renowned Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Despite the challenges of international travel, the group performed perfectly and everyone came home with a broadened sense of the world and unforgettable cultural experiences they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Want a full list of all the incredible world wide trips we’ve provided? Reach out to our team to discover the tours we’ve given.

Worry-Free International Travel for Students

Sending your child across the globe on a school trip can be scary, but nobody makes international travel for students safer. Taking students abroad is not for the inexperienced or unprepared. We’ve logged more miles world wide than almost any other U.S.-based student travel organization. We maintain all required certifications, insurances and liabilities to guarantee complete student safety.

Since 2001, many members of Super Holiday Tours have even served as members and leaders of the Student Youth Travel Association (SYTA). SYTA is a professional, non-profit trade association that encourages safe, rich and rewarding student and youth travel. We even send an experienced Super Holiday Tours travel guide to ensure your trip goes exactly as planned.

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European Tours and Trips create immersive experiences for your students
European Tours and Trips create immersive experiences for your students
You make incredible memories in world-renowned destinations—we’ll handle all the travel details.

"Thank you Super Holiday Tours for an amazing experience!!!!!"

B. Bigler -, Band Director