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Group Travel Safety Tips for Parents

As you prepare to send your child off on a local school or youth group trip, please consider the following travel safety tips. This information will help you ask the right questions, talk to the right people and prepare your child for a quality experience. Do not be afraid to do your research and ask many questions. You want peace of mind, and asking the right questions will give it to you.


Make sure the company your group leader chooses adheres to all the proper safety requirements

Make sure the company your group leader chooses adheres to all the proper safety requirements and is accredited by the local government, the government where they are based and any other appropriate trade organizations. Ensure that all guides have had appropriate background checks and check that hotels are in safe areas. A low-cost hotel in a bad area is a disaster waiting to happen. Insist on quality hotels, transportation and tour guides.


Knowledgeable, local guides are a must for every student trip.

Knowledgeable, local guides are a must for every student trip. If you’re evaluating a travel company, make sure their guides know the local language, have travel experience and have passed a background check. Guides are going to explain everything and keep the tour on schedule, so they play a major role in the success of your trip. Don’t forget to ask the student travel company about their guides when you’re considering a trip.


There is so much to learn through travel.

There is so much to learn through travel. Travel gives us the chance to learn new things and experience how others live in other areas of the country and across the world. Ensure that every aspect of the trip has an educational component. This does not mean that every day has to be filled with learning objectives and testing, but it does mean that students can learn from each experience. Whether that includes an educational session on the physics of a roller coaster before riding a coaster or performing at an amusement park and then doing a clinic or session with a professional performer, there are numerous opportunities to make any trip an educational one.


Find out what other parents and students have done

Find out what other parents and students have done, where their children have traveled and if the trip was memorable and educational. Ask your tour operator to put you in touch with parents who have taken similar trips if you don’t know anyone. A good operator can help you get in touch with parents, chaperones and other tour leaders who can tell you first-hand about the tour you may be considering.

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Questions Frequently Asked By Parents

Are there scholarships available to help pay for my child's trip?

SHT is a member of the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA). SYTA has a charitable foundation that gives scholarships to students in need. Applications are taken twice a year and can be found at www.sytayouthfoundation.org

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How safe is my child on this trip?

Super Holiday Tours takes great care in planning the safest trips possible. We use only American Bus Association member coaches because they are held to the highest safety standards. We also offer the option of night time security dedicated to the group between the hours of 10pm and 6am. While no guarantees can ever be made, we do work the very hardest in ensuring the safest trip possible.

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Can I make payments for the trip online?

If your group is set up to make individual payments via our website, you can make payments anytime in your account area. All of the details of the trip, including when payments are due, are located here. You will also see how much you have paid to date, and the balance due on your account. 

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Student Travel information for Parents
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