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" I was beyond impressed with the value of the package and all of the things our kids were able to do in NYC "

The trip seemed super organized, very well scheduled and we could not be happier. ,

Experienced Student Travel Experts. No One Makes Your Student Trip Easier.

Our student travel experts at Super Holiday Tours can take you to the best spots across the globe! No destination is too far for your students to discover. No event is too big to experience.

Super Holiday Tours Has Over 45 Years of Experience Taking Performing Groups, Marching Bands and Student Groups Across the World!

When founded in 1975, you might be interested to know that:

  • Saturday Night Live debuts on NBC
  • Popular movies were Jaws, Benji and The Godfather II
  • Top musicians were Chicago, Elton John, Jefferson Starship, Queen, The Who and ZZ Top
  • Top TV programs were All in the Family, M*A*S*H and The Carol Burnett Show
  • In Technology, Motorola receives patent for first portable mobile phone, the betamax and VHS tapes were introduced, the digital camera and laser printers were introduced.
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You can trust our student travel agency’s experience to deliver an incredible trip your student group will never forget. We’ve transported more than half a million students across the globe. Whether your student group wants to explore a historical site in Williamsburg, take center stage at a New York City music festival or cap your high school career with a trip to Orlando’s theme parks, we can take you there. We even offer worry-free travel across the pond with European escapes.

Super Holiday Tours is full service and worry free. That means we handle all your trip arrangements, including:

  • Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Dining Arrangements
  • Event Entry

We feature a secure online payment system where parents can quickly and easily make payments on a trip. They can log in to see their outstanding balance at any time and that total is continuously updated to reflect the latest amount. Managing payments has never been easier.

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March 13, 2020

As Super Holiday Tours commemorates its 45th anniversary of providing memorable travel experiences, none of us here, along with our colleagues in the entire hospitality industry, could never have imagine the challenges we are facing on a daily basis.

As a well-established travel planner with long standing professionalism with our clients, and industry partners we are working diligently with our suppliers to recover the costs of travel that has been canceled.

Countless hours of planning and coordination took place to provide our groups with lifelong memories of travela nd performance. Now we are confronted with an equal amount of hours, and time, to dismantle a unique and memorable experience. Please be patient and allow us to continue to work on your behalf to recover as much as we can from our many suppliers

Bryan Cole
President, Super Holiday Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect a refund?

Please understand that we are working with our suppliers on your behalf in an effort to secure/recover any refunds.

How much is my refund?

As a legitimate tour operator in the business for 45 years our job is to ensure that all of the components of your trip are paid in full. Again, we are doing our best to work with our suppliers.

Can you provide me with the appropriate documentation I need for my CFAR refund?

Yes, I will email you a copy of your contract which includes the trip components and pricing. Please email with your request. We will provide the copy of the document in the order the request was received.

Will you send me my tickets that were purchased on my behalf?

No. All of our tickets were purchased as a group package and cannot be separated. Again, we are doing our best to work with our suppliers

Why do I have to wait for a refund if I canceled without penalty per your cancellation policy?

Please understand we are working diligently to reply to requests in the order that they were received. The delay is caused by the volume of requests that we are receiving.